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10 of the best off-road RVs

Pursuant to an article in, many caravans that are presented as being “off-road” are a far cry from being so. This is an issue since the BDO Caravan and Campervan Data Report released in December 2015 speaks of no less than 528,210 registered vans. Today, the number is much higher, and any of these owners could have been tricked into buying a fake off-road caravan.

What type of caravan should I choose?

Aussies are keen on caravanning and camping, as 85% of the Australian population had such an experience and would recommend it to other people, as well. In fact, according to a 2011 study, these activities promote a happier family life, and an individual who goes on caravan trips or camping often is more optimistic, energised and satisfied. But a pertinent question comes up:


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