10 of the best off-road RVs

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2017 - 09:49

Pursuant to an article in caravancampingsales.com.au, many caravans that are presented as being “off-road” are a far cry from being so. This is an issue since the BDO Caravan and Campervan Data Report released in December 2015 speaks of no less than 528,210 registered vans. Today, the number is much higher, and any of these owners could have been tricked into buying a fake off-road caravan.

But what makes a caravan an off-road one? How is it different from a normal one?

First of all, the chassis on an off-road is stronger, thus it offers more tolerance to bumps. The suspensions, the tyres and the stabilisers of a normal caravan cannot handle the sternness of an off-road terrain, and that is why these elements are reinforced on an off-road one. Rocks can also damage your vehicle. Off-roads are endowed with protection against them, keeping the vital components safe.

Here is a list of the best off-road caravans you can put your money into without regrets:

1. Goldstream RV 16ft Panther

This state-of-the-art Goldstream will surely meet your expectations. It is fully-equipped with off-road kits, like a galvanised floor and durable suspensions.

2. Sunland Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler is perhaps one of the very few off-road RVs that truly deserves its denomination. It has an almost adamantine chassis, designed to support its incredible suspensions.

3. JB Scorpion

The Scorpion is a virtually tank-like RV. It is a massive armoured juggernaut with a steel chassis that ensures stability even on the faultiest of terrains.

4. Goldstream Rhino 2300

The Rhino 2300 is tastefully clad in aluminium and provides shelter for up to 5 persons. It has two gas cylinders, each of 9 kilograms, which offer it sheer power on off-road tracks.

5. Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme

The rather short Pilbara Extreme offers real advantages when it comes to driving through thick thickets of bushes. Its galvanised chassis grants an easy driving on tough roads.

6. Lotus Trooper

This vehicle successfully combines aesthetic tastefulness with excellent off-road capabilities.

7. Kedron Top Ender

The Kedron has been specially designed for off-road trips. The sturdy chassis speaks for itself.

8. Roadstar Safari Tamer

The name of this off-road caravan should be tell-tale already. It has an incredibly solid body and a surprisingly beautiful interior.

9. Otron Signature Series 3

Although it looks more like an on-road caravan, don’t let its looks misguide you. It is one of the strongest off-road RVs out there.

10. On the Move Traxx

Like the Rhino, Traxx has two 9-kilogram gas cylinders. It is sure to get you through rocks and bushes in a heartbeat.


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