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Top 5 tips to compare your caravan loan

Caravans are quite popular in Australia both for families with children and retired elderly citizens. If you have been thinking about purchasing yourself a caravan, then find out that caravan loans are created primarily for this exact purpose. A financial provider will give you a fixed sum of money, and, afterwards, you will be required to make the necessary repayments in a certain amount of time. 

Should I buy new or used caravan?

You plan to buy a caravan, and you already see yourself camping next summer with your family or your loved one. Now, you just have to decide whether you will purchase a new or used caravan. If only it would be that easy to decide. Each option comes with its pros and cons and, of course, the price is a significant factor to think about. 

Australia’s Best Caravan Parks

You’ve got your caravan or camper trailer hitched, you’re ready to hit the road…but where are Australia’s top destinations for caravanners and campers? We’ve put a list together of all the best, highest rated and national award winning caravan parks that you and your family will fall in love with. You might not want to leave…


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