Highways or byways - what type of caravanner are you?

Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 11:09

Recent research by BDO, showcased by Caravan Industry, informs us that there are almost 600,000 caravans registered in Australia. 73% of the Aussies choose to go caravanning on order to see the country, and most of them are middle-aged people. It is to no one’s surprise, however, since it is a fantastic way of getting some much-needed relaxation and peace of mind.

When it comes to the type of terrain you go caravanning on, which do you prefer, the highways or the byways?

Before setting out on the road, you have to decide which of these fits you best. They are different, of course, and it all comes down to your youthfulness and spirit of adventure. While some people certainly prefer the byways, others choose the highways. The votes are never unanimous.

Here are the main differences between the byways and the highways:

The byways

Country roads are certainly more serene than highways. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, and the traffic is considerably more fluent. This automatically leads to fresher air, a respite that your lungs deserve from inhaling the polluted urban air. On top of these, there are many restaurants with lower prices and better food. If you are not a restaurant-eating type of guy, you can always find a tranquil place where to picnic. Even on the side of the road. Moreover, you never lived until you’ve experienced the primordial hospitality of locals.

Downsides: the roads are in a poorer condition, usually covered with gravel or caked with mud, compelling you to drive at slower speeds. It may take a lot more time to get from a point to another, in comparison with highways. Also, there are fewer gas stations to refill in times of need and more fuel consumption.

The highways

Caravanning on the highways has its perks, as well. It allows you to drive at higher speeds, facilitating your transition between points A and B. The conditions of the road are superior, and you do not have to worry about damaging your car in rocks and scratching it in bushes. You can also refill in case you run out of gas because there is an abundance of gas stations.

Downsides: there is a higher risk of getting into accidents. You must also consider the rush hours, when traffic slows down almost to a halt. This causes increased stress and anxiety. Driving on highways is also a lot more tiring, due to the constant attention you have to pay to the road. Other issues you might have to face are traffic jams, lack of parking spots and vexatious road-constructions, which can nullify your plans in a matter of seconds.

As seen above, both highways and byways have their advantages and charms, all of them revolving mainly around the road conditions and essential aspects like gas consumption, time resources and, undoubtedly, mood. Many people choose the byways simply because they’re less crowded and more silent than the highways. Considering all these, which type of caravanner are you? Do you like the highways or the byways?

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