How to prevent boredom on a motorhome holiday?

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 11:12

Australians are keen on caravanning, as statistics outline that 85 percent have been on this kind of trip at least once in their lifetime. Also, most of them state that all children should experience such a journey. 

Going on such a journey with your children is a marvellous experience! However, a family vacation can become a nightmare in an instant if the little ones aren’t content and happy. That’s why we’ve assembled a range of useful tips for the savvy family holiday planner.

Keep the First Journey Short

As amazing as planning an extended trip around Australia might sound, as you’re already anticipating the stunning landscapes and locations, think again. Children’s attention span isn’t the same as ours, and it might be more than they can handle. That’s why we recommend that, before embarking on your national odyssey, you should try a prolonged weekend trip, to help your kids get used to the motorhome concept.

Plan a Journey

When planning your trip, you should take a close look at the route, and pinpoint the major attraction sites. If your kids are old enough, you can encourage them to do the research on the best caravan parks themselves, to get them involved in the planning.

Planning short trips will make the journey more exciting, as opposed to a never-ending boring drive through the desert.

Make Sure You Bring Books, Games and Cards

Keeping your kids occupied is essential to prevent boredom. On that account, it’s recommendable to take a range of books they are interested in, cards, and plenty of board games. Caravanning is also about having a great time while on the road, so organise numerous activities that will keep them interested.

Get Outside Often

Spending time outdoors is a good idea when you’re travelling in a motorhome. Basically, this is what caravanning is all about, so take advantage of this kind of flexibility.

Did you know that according to findings, 96 percent of adults confirm that they’ve had a happy childhood because they spent a lot of time outdoors? Also, 96 percent of the kids said they felt very happy when playing outdoors. And it’s true, spending time in the nature is not only healthy but also refreshing. Even if your motorhome comes equipped with a table and everything, eating outside, whenever it’s possible, is more than recommended for you and your children included.

Plan on Staying in Kid-Friendly Campgrounds

While this isn’t always a possibility, you should keep an eye open for these alternatives. For example, if you’re camping in a national park, the facilities are basic there, and you should come prepared. Camping is excellent for children, as 87 percent of those who experienced it said it made them feel joyful. Read our caravan etiquette here.

If you’re planning a trip that isn’t wilderness oriented, you should know that numerous campgrounds are created particularly for the little ones. So, if you’re caravanning or camping for the very first time, it might be sensible to factor in this alternative.

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