Should you caravan alone or in a group?

Posted on Friday, January 13, 2017 - 11:13

You may be surprised to hear that most Aussies actually prefer to caravan on their own. Even more dazzling is that you may find more Aussie women travelling alone than men – as of 2015, 81% of females wished to go solo on the road, according to the Global Women’s Travel Survey. Caravanning alone can be soothing, but having such a road trip in a group can be more fun.

If you planned on going caravanning, would you do it on your own or in a group?

Caravanning has become rather synonymous with the idea of group, of a family coming together for an adventure. On the other side of the coin, many people still prefer to take on the road alone, either because they lack company or simply because they want some alone time. Surely, any option is to be respected in the same measure.

Here are the things you have to take into consideration before deciding which one is best for you.

Caravanning alone

Although it sounds terribly isolating, caravanning alone might be a very good idea. It can give you time to make order in your life. It can also allow you to start enjoying your own company and if you work in a very crowded environment, it helps you de-stress. Some alone time can work charms on your psyche. It can take your mind off of persistent issues and boost your managerial abilities.


Ironically, the main disadvantage is loneliness. Your car could break down on the road, and there will be no one there to help you. You may find that your high hopes are turning into unpleasantness very quickly. This would only increase your feeling of loneliness.

Caravanning in group

Nothing can be greater than ramming your best friends into the caravan and going on vacation. You can assume with no risk of being absurd that it can be the most amazing time of your life. Socialising is an utterly indispensable component in a human being’s life, and this could be the chance to renew old friendships or, why not? – create brand-new ones.


Travelling in a group can be very tiring and downright annoying, especially when its participants have different time schedules and waking hours. Thus, there is a slight chance of sparking conflict. When more people are involved, the final destination can change on a daily basis, which will turn the experience into a couples’ counselling or chore, not a relaxing vacation. Moreover, you may realise that you wished you were alone all that time, just you and your thoughts.

Deciding between caravanning alone or in a group is a relatively tough decision to make. It depends on one’s personality more than on anything else. No doubt, there might be people that combine the two effectively, if both options sound equally fascinating. Those occasions are, however, rather rare. When it comes to caravanning, do you prefer to do it alone or in a group? What would be your downsides for each of these?

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