Tips for loading your caravan for safe caravan towing

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 11:17

Caravanning is, by all means, an exciting experience. No wonder Aussies are keen on planning this kind of journeys. Did you know that 85% of Australians have gone caravanning at least once, in their lifetime? Since we live in such a beautiful country, this doesn’t surprise us, does it?

If you have become a caravanning aficionado yourself, welcome to the club! As it’s the first time you embark on this kind of adventure, it’s quintessential to be ready for safe towing – since the way in which you load your caravan will play a primordial role if you want to enjoy a safe, smooth road.

Your primary aim should be to keep your motorhome light, and pack it evenly. How can you achieve that? By following the next steps.

Maintain Your Caravan Light

Apparently, there’s a tendency among Aussies to over pack while caravanning. Still, with a disciplined approach, this can be avoided. Did you know that fuel efficiency and ease of towing are interconnected? A light caravan means a smaller pressure on the tow vehicle, improving its functionality in all driving terrains, even the most challenging ones.

If you’re planning on taking all your electric gadgets and your grand piano with you, think again, caravanning is a different type of adventure, which enables you to enjoy nature and the surroundings. Research pinpoints that the average individual spends about 87 percent of their time indoors. So, it goes without saying that being adventurous and having at least a caravanning escape annually is more than recommended for your health, creativity and focus – as scientists outline.

If you embrace minimalist traveling, you’ll benefit from more space, and you won’t feel cramped when you’re on the road.

Disperse the Weight Evenly

Did you know that the way in which you disperse the luggage in your caravan matters as well, when it comes to fuel efficiency and safety? That’s why it’s recommended to place the bulky items – such as the bike, outdoor furniture, so on and so forth – near the centre of the caravan. Arrange them as evenly as possible. Items of medium weight should be stored in the central segment of the trailer as well, while light items, such as clothing, should be located in overhead lockers. It’s recommended to follow these guidelines, as keeping heavy objects high up will harm the centre of gravity.

By loading your caravan evenly, you’ll place less pressure on the suspension and brakes, which makes the driving easier and safer.

Secure Everything Accordingly

After having loaded up your caravan, the next step is to secure everything. This way, you ensure a safe journey, and you won’t have to deal with any hazards. Items you should pay attention to include:

  • Blankets and clothing items should be located in under-bed storage and bedroom robes;
  • Consumables should be secured in the fridge;
  • Bikes should be fastened to exterior bicycle racks;
  • Kitchen items should be stored in low cupboards;
  • Electric cables and gas bottles should be placed in secure lockers;

Do you have more tips on safe caravan towing? In this case, let us know, by leaving us a comment below!

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