Top 8 tips for caravanners driving on busy highways

Posted on Friday, January 13, 2017 - 11:00

The Safety Statistics provided by the Australian Government shows that until November 2016, the provisional number of road fatalities was 1,185. Thus, road deaths registered a growth of 6.8% from November 2015. Last year, the Australian press was oversaturated with horrifying caravan accidents.

Why is driving a caravan on highways more dangerous than driving any other type of car?

Caravans are safe and stable per se; however, they are not designed for highways as much as they are designed for off-road tracks. Unlike other cars, caravans are prone to fishtailing. 90% of the time, this is what accounts for the loss of control. So, the said loss of control is to be blamed, according to Retreat Caravans statistic, for 30% of all caravan accidents.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving on busy highways:

Don’t exceed the speed limit

You have to roll with your caravan at the same pace with all the other cars on the highway. Match your driving speed with them.

Overtake with precaution

Always look in the mirror before you decide to overtake. This is especially recommended when driving on highways with three lanes, when more cars can try to reach the same free slot as you do.

Keep your eyes on the road

Not being attentive can cause gruesome accidents – it also slows your response time considerably in case anything happens ahead of you. Do not be tempted to look at any incident that may occur.

Keep the distance

Driving right behind a car won’t make it go faster. It will also render your brake useless if it stops all of a sudden.

Use the mirrors

Is never enough caution when driving on the highway. Use the mirrors whenever you change the lanes and overtake, as well as to check your blind spots.

Take some rest

It is utterly hazardous to be driving on a highway when you can barely keep your eyes open. And even if you’re not sleepy, you should take a break once in a while. It is important you blow off some steam.

Contain your anxiety

This problem is undoubtedly real. It affects numerous people and makes them afraid to get on the highway. In this case, it is recommended to go at a slower pace and change lanes after planning them out beforehand.

Avoid rush hours

If possible, try to refrain from driving when the traffic is peaking. It is considerably safer than driving within an ocean of cars, each of them trying to get ahead as fast as possible.

According to these statistics, a whopping number of over 14,000 insurances are claimed each year in the aftermath of caravan accidents. 91% of them are caused by loss of control (make sure you've adequate caravan insurance before you drive). The percentages are, of course, staggering. Driving a caravan on the highway is by no means an easy task, but precaution solves everything.

Are you afraid of driving the caravan on the highway? Have you ever had any inconveniences when doing it?

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